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VNDesign is a boutique agency, a real jewellery box, catering for SMEs and large corporate customers with its PR and digital solutions, specialising in sales promotion.

Scope of services offered:

  • Corporate and SME communication, with a focus on B2B
  • Financial communication
  • Media relations, media design and acquisition
  • People Analytics and recruitment marketing
  • Event marketing and communication
  • Content production, content management: texts, visuals, videos and animations
  • Social media: click here for details on our solutions
  • Copywriting for effective search engine optimisation
  • Operating media rooms for SMEs as well

Working languages: Hungarian and English

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Recruitment marketing

RECRUITMENT with marketing tools? Yes!

Excellent workforce is key to business success, finding suitable candidates, however, poses numerous challenges to employers. In addition to finding the appropriate channels through which potential staff members can be reached, the individuals so found need to be addressed in a way that will motivate them to take the first step, that is, to apply for the job.

  • Do you feel you have tried all possible communication channels, but to no avail?
  • Cannot find a way to reach suitable candidates?
  • Do yo find it difficult to have the right mix of communication messages and ads on various social media surfaces?
  • Or are you at a loss because your ads are looked at by many but few people apply and even those are not suitable for the job you are offering?

We offer the following solutions for you in the field of HR and recruitment marketing:

  • preparing a comprehensive strategic concept to find employees best suited for your business
  • brand building, specifically: employer branding, in social media as well
  • analysing data, preparing reports in order to identify target groups (people analytics)
  • establishing regular, targeted, consistent and conscious presence in the online space
  • in addition to operating a landing page serving as a personal point of entry, application of recruitment marketing and sales tools keeping even uncertain users on your website, that is, your dedicated landing page
  • drafting professional search engine optimised adverts and texts to boost effectiveness
  • attracting interest with the help of solutions and tools creating a positive atmosphere and experience
  • offline instruments to complement online solutions according to need – integrated packages

Taking it easy – with us

  • Each of the young professionals making up our team is present and active in social media day by day. As a result, we are even able to get into closed Facebook groups and communicate with actual users and potential candidates who cannot be reached otherwise.
  • Our communication is adapted to the target groups, using informal and friendly style.
  • We are aware of the characteristics of generations Z and Y, we know how to address them effectively and how to make and keep them interested.
  • We keep up with changes in the regulatory environment. GDPR compliance is one of our current priorities in development and communication.
  • We offer complex solutions, coordinating marketing with web development. We develop landing pages in such a way that they are suited solely, and perfectly, for HR marketing purposes.
  • We aim at insight with pinpoint accuracy. We are interested in what is important for the employee. This is what we map first and then use  it as a basis for building up our communication strategy and selecting the marketing channels.
  • With a focus on cost-effectiveness we only use channels with adequate potential for your business.
  • We know that a vacancy advertisement in itself with a list of the benefits offered (however well worded) is just not enough. This is what we bear in mind when elaborating our concept.
  • We are practical professionals: we are doing our jobs knowing that the only way for us to be successful is by making our customers successful.

Recruitment marketing is another field in which we are offering you services.


Many companies still rely on decision makers’ intuition in selecting suitable employees, even though People Analytics (PA) tools offer much more effective, more objective and consistent solutions. But what exactly is PA? Click here for details. (Please note: the blog’s content is in Hungarian.)


Why should you choose us?

Shortlist, category of Financial Communication; European Excellence Awards 2013

Member of IAA and European Mathematical Society

We have observed two things that are characteristic of all businesses, big and small:

  1. Managers want numbers.
  2. And those numbers reflect two expectations: how can solutions, including PR,
    • boost revenues and/or
    • cut costs.

We support our customers in making business decisions improving their reputation and competitive advantage in their respective markets, which in turn, can help them increase their revenues and profits.

We know exactly how important the corporate narrative linking decision makers’ expectations with business targets is.

We make use of conventional solutions as well as cutting edge tools, applying the best possible combination of both, always as required for the given assignment and by our customer’s business preferences.

We believe that by making good use of the creative power of words it is possible to build trust and fine-tune a company’s relationship with its existing and future customers, partners and, not least, employees and the public in general.



In full awareness of how precious our customers’ time is we always complete our assignments by or even before the deadlines.

We undertake to implement complete projects or just specific tasks – depending on what meets our client’s needs best. Be it consultancy or comprehensive communication assignments, we always carry out our tasks as required by our customers.

The rapid and continuous progress of technology urges us to train our staff ceaselessly, so we can always deliver solutions in line with the latest trends for our customers. This, however, is no burden for us because our work is also our passion and personal field of interest.

At VNDesign we all agree that by upholding the fundamental values of honesty, transparency, a drive for excellence, along with being interested in and open to new things, trends and developments, we are building our agency on strong foundations based on respect toward each other and our customers.

Creating bold and original solutions, setting us and our customers apart from rivals and competitors, is one of our most important goals. Knowing and complying with legal regulations as well as meeting the highest norms of ethics, is beyond question for us.

We believe in team work and are convinced that nothing is impossible when efforts are driven by the combined expertise, experience and opinions of a number of talented individuals with diverse points of view all working towards the same end.



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VNDesign PR is one of the key business lines of VNDesign.

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Branch office: Bank Center, 1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 7.
Mailing address, registered office: 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 5. 1/4.
DUNS szám: 40-163-0130

Tagja vagyunk az IAA-nak és a European Mathematical Society-nek

Nemzetközi elismerésünk:
Shortlist, pénzügyi kommunikáció kategória;
European Excellence Awards 2013
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